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Sales Strategy

Is your Sales team relevant in today's marketplace? That is a serious question.

One of the key deliverables from the Sales Force Evaluation (click here to go to the Sales Force Evaluation if you have not been to that page) is insights as to whether:-

  • your sales force is aligned with the strategy
  • your sales force is actually compatible with the sales strategy
  • if it has the capability to deliver the sales strategy
  • the areas and levels of discomfort the sales force has with issues as to your product/service, business, marketing and management

There is absolutely no question that the role of Sales in today's demanding marketplace has changed. Those changes, dictated primarily by buyers, have impacted many sales organisations and structures. It has also brought about a marked change in the competencies that Sales people need today.

The Sales function has undergone and will continue to undergo considerable change. If today you are talking in terms of having a 'traditional' sales organisation or structure, there is a high degree of probability you are losing your effectiveness in meeting your customer needs, not to mention lost revenue. More often than not the damage is done, for example a lost customer, long before you realise it.

  • What are the key sales strategies driving your company revenues and by whom?
  • Is your sales team working in step with those strategies or charting their own course?
  • How is your sales function creating real value for your customers, buyers and clients?
  • Is the sales team supported by the marketing strategy and vice versa?

In conjunction with the Sales Force Evaluation we can help you define, or rather redefine an effective sales strategy and a sales organisation that really meets customer needs, revenue objectives and ultimately profit - think about it…

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