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Transformational Management (not Change) Management

The research on the success of widely referred to as “Change Programmes” does not provide encouraging reading. The failure rate is approx 65%. Getting Transformation programmes successfully implemented and turning your company from “average to good” and “good to great” is not a chance event.

  • Are your people involved directly in the required transformation?
  • Have you got them altogether and given them responsibility to determine the outcomes?
  • Have you held them accountable?
  • Is your company inward looking or visionary?
  • Are you reactive rather than strategic and proactive?
  • Do your managers actually manage and/or coach and/or lead?
  • Are all your employees reluctant to take responsibility – why?
  • How would you know if they are committed?
  • Does your company operate in departmental stacks or is there effective two way communication?
  • Do you have a learning environment that encourages growth and development or are your employees
  • stagnating with no prospect of career development?

These are just some of the questions that need to be considered when looking at how effective and efficient your organisation is. If you know that your organisation has the potential to be great but don’t know what’s missing then we can provide the expertise to realise that potential.

We have the expertise to gather and analyse data about your current situation and company culture, to identify gaps, to work with your senior team to agree direction, vision, standards for success and leadership roles, accountabilities and decisions that will drive a new culture.

We can provide a roadmap to help you align your organisation to a changed direction; to build an infrastructure that will support the new culture, policies and procedures that will address role expectations, managing performance, reward and recognition, recruitment, training and development, and establishing mechanisms to monitor the progress of the culture change and measure success against the agreed criteria.



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