Business Facilitation Assignments

Speaking/Public Facilitation Assignments


IHIF Conference
May 17th - 18th 2012, Seoul Korea

HRO Forum
May 16th - 17th 2012, Singapore

Eye for Travel - "Travel & Distribution Conference"
May 9th - 10th 2012, Singapore

Hotel Investment Conference, Berlin
March 5th - 7th 2012, Berlin
Speaker Coach & Facilitator

American Chamber of Commerce - "Understanding the Productivity Gap"
Fri 24th Feb 2012, Singapore

British Chamber of Commerce - "Understanding the Productivity"
Tues 31st Jan 2012, Singapore


SKAL/PATA Travel Conference
Singapore Productivity Awards
Monday 24th October – Key Note Speaker

Meeting of Minds
Tues 13th Sept 2011, Singapore
Facilitator & Key Note Speaker

HRM Summit
Thurs 26th & 27th May 2011, Singapore
Facilitator & Moderator

IHIF (International Hotel Investment Conference
Thursday 19th May - Friday 20th May 2011, Macau

Eye for Travel - "Travel & Distribution Technology Conference"
Wednesday 18th May 2011, Singapore
Co- Chairman - "Sales & Distribution"

American Chamber of Commerce
Fri 18th March 2011
Speaker - "Transforming Meetings to make them Effective"

British Chamber of Commerce
Thursday 17th March 2011
Speaker - “Transforming Meetings to make them Effective”

IHIF (International Hotel Investment Conference
Monday 7th Mar – Wed 9th March 2011, Berlin


Management Development Institute of Singapore
Thurs 28th October 2010, Singapore
Speaker - “Improving People Effectiveness & Productivity”

ACTE (Assoc of Corporate Travel Execs) Global Education Conference
Monday 4th - 6th October 2010, Berlin
Facilitator & Moderator

Singapore Press Holdings
Tuesday Sept 29th - Wed 30th September 2010, Singapore
Speaker - Sales Force Development

ACTE (Assoc of Corporate Travel Execs) Regional Education Conference
Wednesday 25th – Thursday 26th August 2010, Singapore
Speaker – Effective Communication

IHIF (International Hotel Investment Conference
Monday 14th – Wed 16th June 2010, Macau

HRM (Human Resource Management) Conference
Monday 10th May – Tuesday 11th May 2010, Hong Kong
Facilitator & Moderator

ACTE (Assoc of Corporate Travel Execs)
Thursday 18th March 2010
Speaker - “Aligning Strategy with the Business Environment”

Eye for Travel - "Travel & Distribution Technology Conference"
April 28th – 29th 2010
Co- Chairman - “Sales & Distribution”

American Chamber of Commerce
Tues 27th April 2010
Speaker - “Assessments in People Development”

People Trends – Employee Benefits Conference
Friday 9th April 2010
Speaker - “A Winning Culture for Today's Organisation”

SKAL Travel Club Bangkok
Feb 9th 2010
Speaker - “The Future of Your Sales Force Revenue”


American Chamber of Commerce
Friday 11th September 2009
Speaker - “Making Key/Critical Meetings Effective”

British Chamber of Commerce
Wed 8th July 2009
Speaker - “Focused Thinking”

American Chamber of Commerce
Tues 13th May 2009
Speaker - “ Focused Thinking”

Travel & Distribution Technology Conference
April 1st & April 2nd 2009
Expert Questioner


HRM -Talent Retention Congress
Tuesday 4th November – Wednesday 5th November 2008
Speaker - “ Engage Your Talent or Lose Them”

Presentation Skills using NLP
Monday 14th October & Tuesday 15th October 2008
Facilitation & Coaching

ITCMA & CTW Congress
Tuesday 7th October – Thursday 9th October 2008
Speaker “ ITCMA – “How to successfully manage Change (and have fun doing it”)
Speaker “ CTW - Negotiation

HRM -Talent Management Congress
Wednesday 17th - Thursday 18th September 2008
Speaker - “Getting Really Engaged with your Top Talent”

Myers Briggs Type Indicator Conference
Thursday 31st July – Friday 1st August 2008
Speaker “ The Power of the MBTI and it’s Applications”

HR Summit 2007 & 2008
Tues 5th & Wed 6th May
Facilitator for “Corporate Solutions”

LeSaffre Regional Marketing Conference
Tuesday 22nd April 2008

Singapore Brand Conference
Thursday 27 th March 2008
Speaker - “Make Your People Brand Ambassadors”

Travel Technology & Distribution Conference
Tues 18th March & Wed 19th March 2008
Facilitator for the “CEO/Senior Executives Conference” Session


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