Speaker & Facilitation Assignments

Ray Bigger  People, Meeting, Sales & Marketing Architect

Ray Bigger
People, Meeting, Sales & Marketing Architect

Chris Durkin President Q3global

Chris Durkin
President Q3global

We have all sat through conferences and the ubiquitous panel sessions only to discover that the panel doesn’t answer the questions put, the moderator allows the panel to waffle and go seriously off topic. The result, not surprisingly, abject boredom not to mention little value taken from the session.

Looking for something different?

Ray Bigger and Chris Durkin have spoken and facilitated numerous conferences over the past 5+ years covering subjects such as Hotel Investment, Travel & Technology, Human Resources, Sales & Marketing. Creativity and Design.

We will ask challenging questions, ensure panels and speakers stay on topic, run effective Q&A sessions by making sure audience members ask questions and not make statements and keep to time.