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When a CEO has a strategy problem he might give BCG or Deloitte a call. If the Finance Director has a problem he might give Accenture a call. If the VP IT has a problem he might give Oracle a call.

So who does the Chief Sales officer/VP Sales/Sales Director turn to? Not quite so clear cut you might think think again help is at hand.

CSO Insights benchmarks the challenges faced by today's sales and marketing organizations. We track trends in the use of people, process, technology and knowledge to improve sales effectiveness.

Research is the core of our business. Each year, we survey thousands of Chief Sales Officers to learn the challenges they see as most critical. We also review offerings from solution providers to retain our position as the experts on options for CSOs.

We write numerous articles and speak at major sales and marketing conferences to share what we've learned with executives like you.

CSO Insights has served sales and marketing executives for over 15 years. We only offer pragmatic suggestions, experienced-based examples and the kind of insights you'll want before your next Executive Strategy Session or Board meeting!

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