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Revenue Management

Insights into Growing Your Revenue Profitably

To truly leverage the value of your human and physical assets – your staff and your hotel – you need to have:

  • Optimum synergy between departments
  • A common understanding of focus and priorities
  • Reliable and dynamic information about demand in the marketplace
  • Systems and processes
  • Strategies and tactics
  • Feedback loops

All too often we see hotels who have added a “Revenue Manager” – often by simply promoting their reservations manager – but have not seen the full range of expected benefits to the bottom line.

Others do an “Upselling” workshop and see some apparent RevPAR improvement, and think they’ve cracked it. We beg to differ! In fact, we start to worry when a simple upselling workshop appears to have such a dramatic effect - to us, it indicates that the true revenue opportunity is not even close to being tapped.

We can help you achieve truly holistic revenue optimisation and drive this through to profits, by facilitating the cultural shift that true revenue management requires. We take a hands-on approach to educating your team, re-organising various job interfaces to achieve functional fit, examining PMS configuration, reports, etc. – and significantly simplifying the sometimes daunting art and science of driving profit.

We can help you adopt revenue management practices, via a series of assessments, workshops, coaching, routines and exercises, using your own hotel data to gradually improve understanding and level of skill. We’ll also help you navigate the myriad of automated solutions out there, to find the one best suited to your requirements.

Could your business excel with at least 4% improvement in RevPAR, with an even greater effect on the overall efficiency of the hotel? - think about it…

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