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Think8's "Fast Track + MasterClass Modules"

A company’s ability to develop strong interpersonal people skills is paramount and there is a growing realisation that their people are their only real asset and competitive advantage

If you genuinely want to attract and then retain the best people you will need to demonstrate how you will:- develop, challenge, grow, value, recognize and reward them

Think8 has developed a range of “Fast Track” + “MasterClass” modules to address these skills.
(See interactive graphic below). Think8’s MasterClass module goes into depth on each specific topic. However not everyone can afford the time to attend 11 workshops.

To provide a solution here Think8’s “Fast Track” modules allows for fast and effective learning across a combination of modules.

“Fast Track” works like this. From the graphic below you can see the modules available. You choose in combinations the skills you want to develop and we will put them into a module for you. You can see the timeframe for each combination. If you want to upgrade to a MasterClass later that is fine.

How we do this - we believe there are striking similarities in the topic solutions

Just pass your cursor over the skills topics below:

1. Monitor
2. Phone
Like it or not we communicate through our senses and through our own unique communication model. When a colleague’s communication model is ignored a communication breakdown occurs and then we blame everyone else. So how do we get on other people’s wavelength?
• What do we mean by leadership?
• It’s much more than being good at your particular function
• What is the right level of leadership
• What differences separate the average leader from the great leader?
• How do great leaders balance the myriad of skills so people will "walk through walls"
Research tells us that almost 66% of change initiatives fail. So what isn’t working? The number one reason are the people who will be most effected are never consulted. What is the key to a successful Change Initiative? We know - do you?
• If you think it is all about money think again
• So what does motivation really mean?
• So you think you can motivate do you?
• So whose responsibility is it?
• It starts with one key area?
• Is motivation positive or negative?
• Is everyone capable of being motivated?
• Does everyone see motivation in the same light?
3. PC Case
Stop telling people what to do and you will make progress. It is all about a process of self discovery, of learning for the coachee which will create a greater sense of commitment and buy in.
• Is there actually a problem?
• Are you defining the problem correctly or just a symptom?
• How does everyone see the problem?
• How do you approach the problem?
• Is the problem perceived as negative?
• Just who are you trying to influence?
• What is the real core of the issue?
• Up the line, down the line, across the line
• Above the line, below the line,
• Outside the line, Inside the line

There is always a fine line between influencing and arguing. What would you prefer to do?
• What if…
• How could…
• When might…
• Where could…
• If only we…
• Which number...
• Whom…
• Why did we…
• Why not…

Look at problems in many different ways – think in opposites. Just how do we think differently?
Ultimately we arrive at making a decision many times a day.

• How do we know if we have made the right one?
• Was everyone consulted?
• What techniques did you apply e.g. Pareto, Decision Tree?
• How many options did you consider?
• Did you take action?
4. IBM ThinkPad
• Positive or Negative
• How is conflict created
• Welcomed or Ignored
• How to channel conflict
• How to make it work

In an ever increasing diverse workforce conflict resolution can be energising and positive – if you go about it the right way.
Most creative ideas come from simply unchaining your beliefs and bad habits and being you. In fact you should be stupid, outrageous and completely off the wall. You need to create the right environment – tried the local park? Do you know where the roller ball deodorant came from?
5. External Floppy Drive

Then simply mix and match your chosen skill development areas and we can put them into a module that suits you and your people.

  • Two/Three modules can be covered in 1.0 day
  • Three/Four modules in 1.5 days
  • Four/Five modules in 2.0 days
  • All eleven modules in 3 days

We would strongly recommend that each delegate undertake the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). Click here for the Myers Briggs information on the Assessments page.


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