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Our first question at a client meeting: “How effective are your meetings in achieving objectives, building credible action plans and delivering on decisions made?” Cue uncomfortable smiles, shuffling in seats and a response of “25-50% if we’re lucky”. (Imagine what it would mean to the bottom line if this increased to 70-80%). The Board of a major bank recently told us their meeting effectiveness is 15%: consider their return on investment!

Improving the effectiveness and productivity of your key and critical meetings is today’s biggest business opportunity.

With executives spending 50-80 hours a week in meetings (face-to-face and virtual - including phone calls) few disagree meetings are the most unproductive business process in every organization, and the biggest drain on the bottom line. And the growing trend of virtual meetings is making matters worse. On the plus side, improving meetings is the biggest opportunity for increasing business productivity today.

Putting meetings in perspective.

To illustrate this opportunity, we open every meeting we run with the same question: "how much is this meeting costing your company?" (Think about your most recent off-site). 1) Add the tangible costs of travel, accommodation, venue, expenses, materials etc. 2) The cost of each person per day – travelling, subsistence and attending the meeting - plus support staff who plan and organize, 3) The opportunity costs – while participants are away from colleagues and clients.

Typically, a team of 25-30 executives come up with a cost of US$250,000+ for a 2-day strategy meeting. It’s a major eye-opener prompting the switching off of cell phones and a heightened sense of focus! Especially when they add up the cost of every meeting in the company over the year…

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