Career Engagement Group

Why Career Engagement?

Hiring good employees should be the beginning of their journey with you. But for many businesses and their workers that journey is cut short. Research shows that 86% of workers leave their jobs because of perceived lack of career development while 81% of workers feel their skills are not being fully utilised by the business.

A clear career path, more than any other consideration, is the primary driver for employee satisfaction. Our Fuel 50 Career Engagement Software can be the fuel that kicks your business into high-gear by helping you map out that career path for your employees.

With Fuel 50 you can ensure that your employees’ career goals are aligned with your business goals and culture so both parties get the most value out of the relationship. Fuel 50 provides an interactive career management journey that delivers career clarity and engagement at work.

Customisable and Individualised Career Paths

Fuel 50Fuel 50 lets you configure each employee experience with your brand and EVP proposition, so that each career touch point enhances your brand and gives both employees and the business a clear view of their career growth path and potential opportunities within the business.

Tailored to Your Organisation

Tailored to Your OrganisationFuel 50 takes employees through a process that starts with analysis and assessment. Because Fuel 50 is configurable to your organisation the results of the employee’s self-analysis can then be used to create an individualised career story for the employee within the organisation.