How Many People Are Truly Happy In Their Jobs?

Would you consider yourself to be truly happy in your job?

There are many people in the world that love their jobs, so much so that they don’t consider it to be a job at all. Indeed, it’s easy to feel happy in our jobs if we are passionate about our work and what we do. Nevertheless, there are still too many people that feel as if they are simply existing in their roles – does this sound like you?

We spend most of our waking hours at work, so it’s really essential to feel happy. Years ago, happiness was considered to be nothing more than a by-product of successful outcomes, and employee happiness wasn’t a focus for employers. Nowadays, however, employee happiness is considered by many to be the pathway to business success and so it has become an essential factor in employee management.

Happiness not only benefits employees; it benefits employers, too. It should come as no surprise that happiness results in highly-productive staff. In fact, a study conducted earlier this year by Warwick University in the UK found that happiness made employees 12% more productive on average.

Increased productivity is a direct result of happiness. But, productivity is by no means the only benefit of happy employees. Numerous studies have unearthed endless benefits of employee happiness, including: increased performance, lower staff turnover, lower absenteeism rates, higher customer satisfaction and increased profits.

The above benefits go to show just how important it is for people to feel happy in their job. If, as an employee, you feel like you are simply existing in your role, then it may be time to do something about it. For employers, it’s essential to take all necessary measures to ensure that your employees are truly happy.