Has HR As We Know It Had Its Day?

Today’s business challenges require HR departments to change and adapt, but many are still relying on traditional systems. Needless to say, the business landscape is undergoing a huge transformation and HR needs to do the same.

Human resources (HR) departments are typically responsible for dealing with the recruitment, training and administration of employees within a company. In principle, HR departments should play a significant role in helping businesses keep up with the ever-changing, competitive work environment. It is their duty to hire the very best employees, and to ensure that those employees are provided with the support, training and tools necessary to work to their greatest potential.

Though the role of the department has proven to be enormously successful in the past, has HR as we know it actually had its day? This may sound like a loaded question, yet numerous reports have uncovered that HR departments are losing value and are becoming out of touch with modern-day business practices.

New technology, new rules, and new ways of working mean that HR departments need to alter their strategies. There have been numerous suggestions as to how to improve the efficiency of HR, with one suggestion being to separate the department.

Although some may consider splitting the HR department a radical move, there is definitely sense in it. Instead of professionals spreading themselves thin and covering all areas, they could instead specialise in one or two areas of HR. For instance, one team may be solely responsible for admin (personnel benefits, payments), while another may specialise in internal employee management (training, development, leadership and engagement).

There are, of course, numerous other solutions in making HR departments more efficient, including a change in strategy, using new tools, or as mentioned above splitting the role of HR across the board instead of having one designated team. Splitting HR departments into divisions is just one way in which businesses can answer to the changing business landscape, growing diversity of their workforces and demonstrating what HR is telling everyone to do – ADAPT.