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Sales Management Skills

Can your Sales Management really manage effectively?

The success or failure of any sales force is a direct result of the effectiveness or not of its Sales Management. The figures from the Sales Force Evaluations indicate that 1 out every 2 Sales Managers is not trainable or does not have the skills to be a competent Sales Manager. With figures like that, like it or not, your revenue line could be highly vulnerable.

The sales management role should be 80% of the time managing not selling. So what questions should you be asking about your sales management

  • Does the job require hard skills or soft skills or both?
  • Can they Coach and how do they Coach?
  • Can they motivate and how do they motivate?
  • How do they hold there people Accountable?
  • How do they grow their People?
  • What does their recruitment pipeline look like?
  • Is the emphasis on revenue generation and/or people management and/or analytical skills or all three?
  • What competencies and skill set does your sales management need not just for today but tomorrow?
  • What do they think Sales Leadership really means and involves

With the sales team function having undergone considerable transformation, where does that leave your sales management capability? Have they updated their skills, is their thinking really current, or more worryingly, has the competition updated their skills and you have not?

We can help you move your sales management to a higher level of effectiveness - think about it…

Sales People and the Sales Force

The figures from the Sales Force Evaluation of over 380,000+ sales forces evaluated indicates that approx 31% of your Sales Team cannot sell or are not trainable.

They also indicate that approx 60% of the sales force overall are not selling effectively. We will leave it to you to run the numbers on what the potential loss in revenue is.

Strange as it may seem, if your sales people are selling they are not doing their job properly - so what exactly are they doing? That is a great question.

Buyers have driven and continue to drive the need for sales people to engage fully with them and for most sales people that requires an upgraded set of skills.

1,2 or 3 day sales training in isolation does not work. Our programs are project based and provide for ongoing development to ensure the learning is reinforced and implemented which is where effective sales management has such a crucial role. We provide a thorough and in-depth walk through as to what is demanded by buyers of sales people. The sales role is in an ever-changing environment so are your sales people up to date? Recent surveys from buyers reveal that too many sales people today are still missing the plot - and thereby the deal.

These real time programs will take your sales personnel through the commercial process and identifies the role sales needs to perform.

Then a detailed look at the tools and techniques they will need to understand and be able to apply to the sales process from:

  • preparation , planning and research
  • managing the pipeline
  • communication and rapport
  • market knowledge, product knowledge, people knowledge
  • the key questions to ask,
  • presenting the value proposition
  • educating - matching value, benefits to buyers wants/needs
  • recognising client concerns and applying the right solutions
  • negotiation
  • strategic thinker
  • presenter
  • agreeing and disagreeing
  • concluding
  • next steps

We have relevant and contemporary programmes in keeping with current buyer thinking that will help you and your sales team members develop a sound sales foundation - think about it…


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