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Negotiation skills -

Learn the real insights behind Effective Negotiation to create a win-win overall

  • How much preparation and planning should be done?
  • What are the key requirements in successful negotiation?
  • Do you know your negotiating style?
  • What exactly are you negotiating about?
  • What are your negotiating ranges?
  • What is the difference between Proposing and Bargaining
  • What techniques does a Red or Black style negotiator adopt?
  • When do you walk away, how do you walk away?
  • What ranges do you set in your preparation?
  • What is the cost of your tradables?

Everyday we negotiate several times without realising it. As soon as two or more people have different views you are into a negotiation.

There are many definitions of negotiation, some with wildly differing views, which may explain why at best it causes confusion and at worst it is approached with fear and trepidation.

There is one fundamental issue, and only one, in negotiating successfully - can you identify it?

If you go into any negotiation without this firmly embedded in your game plan, then the outcome is unlikely to be your desired one. It is not confined to buyer/seller situations but at every professional, personal and social level.

The skills learnt can be quickly applied and turns negotiation, seen by many as a nerve-wracking experience, into an enjoyable and rewarding experience for all concerned - think about it…

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