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Simple CRM - only hard-core sales people could come up with this.

At Landslide Technologies we're passionate about sales. We know that good sales people excel when they can focus on what they do best, instead of being tied up generating forecasts, reports, or entering data.

That's why we built Landslide CRM. We put in all of the powerful sales tools that make a sales team successful. Now your sales team can be free to focus on what it takes to make the sale. And, your sales managers and executives automatically have accurate sales forecasting and the CRM they need to stay up to speed on what’s going on in their sales pipeline. Most importantly, we made it all simple, secure, and easy to use.

The difference is our people

Landslide is made up of real people with real sales experience. We pride ourselves on always being here for you, ready to help you succeed. Our exclusive personal, VIP sales support team helps simplify and speed up accurate data entry and data management from anywhere. Your salespeople spend less time managing their information and more time using it. And, of course, less busy work means more productivity and more deals.

How simple is that?

We’re also ready to help you with our live and informative webinars. We answer your questions, give you helpful suggestions and show you the best practices, all designed help you get the most out of your sales using Landslide CRM.

And if you’re a sales consultant or sales trainer, we’re ready to work with you to grow and differentiate your business. Our Partner Programs make it easy to distribute and reinforce your valuable sales expertise while adding a new and valuable revenue opportunity to your business.

Powerful. Simple. Results.

We're always looking for innovative ways that our solutions can help improve your sales process. That's why we are continually developing Landslide CRM by adding more powerful tools and resources designed to help you grow your business. And keeping it simple, effective, and consistent at the same time. In the end, we're all about building CRM that gets results for you.

That's the Landslide difference.

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