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Key Account Management

A few basic questions to ask yourself about Key Account Management:

  • What is a key account and why is it a key account?
  • How do you identify one from existing accounts?
  • What makes an account attractive to you?
  • Why is your company attractive to a buyer?
  • How to determine the criteria to select key accounts?
  • Overall or by segment?
  • How do you manage a key account and who is the best person/people to manage it?
  • What are the key components of a key account development plan?
  • How do you develop an account plan and over what time frame?
  • How many people have the responsibility for managing a key account?

More and more companies are faced with the challenge of their revenue stream coming from a smaller number of large accounts. That in itself raises serious questions as to who controls who, and how do you manage the larger number of small accounts?

A compelling question - what impact does a key account have on your overall business strategy?

Key account management is a process that requires sustained input and has specific objectives at its core.

We have a process to help you develop a first class key account management system - think about it…

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