Executive Team & People Development Architects

Work Engagement Profile

People who are highly engaged:

  • Actively commit to their work purpose
  • Actively choose behaviors they believe will best accomplish the purpose
  • Actively monitor their work behaviors to ensure that they are performed competently
  • Actively monitor progress to make sure their purpose is being achieved

The Work Engagement Profile can help employees draw greater satisfaction from work to increase productivity and dedication. It is a quick and easy-to-administer 24-item self-scorable questionnaire. The 20-page booklet includes interpretive information on scores, offers actionable steps to increase levels of engagement and a development planning worksheet.

WEP measures the four intrinsic rewards that influence engagement:

  • Meaningfulness
  • Choice
  • Competence
  • Progress

It can help individuals understand the level of the intrinsic rewards they are receiving from their work and identify options to help increase engagement in the work.

WEP is effective in one-on-one coaching, retention, career and professional development, leadership development, and team building.

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