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Key Management Dynamic Assessment

Does your Executive Team have the Key 9 Leadership Styles & 17 Leadership Qualities?

Today more than ever, Executive Teams and Boards need to run on all cylinders, being more resourceful, creative, interactive, high powered, disciplined, compliant and effective than ever before. However, most teams aren't quite that good and the chances are that your Executive Team will benefit from insightful assessments.

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Key Management Dynamic Assessment: We look at the leaders on your Executive Team and assess them in two areas. First, we look at 9 Leadership Styles. These Styles are not teachable, learnable styles as much as how each member is hard-wired. We help you establish a balance on your Executive Team or Board by making sure you have all 9 styles covered and letting you know who should take the lead on various topics. If there are important Styles missing from your Team, then you can make appointments so that your Team is balanced and working efficiently. Then we look at each Executive in 17 important Leadership Qualities. Most of the Qualities can be taught and learned so we point out the areas in which each Executive could further develop their Qualities.

Deliverable: Each Executive will receive a copy of their assessments and the CEO or Director will receive a Key Management Dynamics Overview, showing both the Team's Distribution of Styles as well as each Executive's Qualities. In addition we provide suggestions so as to get the most out of your Executive Team.

Unique: You'll find our approach to a balanced Executive Team unique. We also represent each Style and Quality with 2 famous individuals from sports, business or history, so your Executives will better understand the Styles and Qualities relative to who they most resemble.

Accuracy: As with all assessments from Objective Management Group, they are not based on personality, behavioral styles or psychology so you will find them contextually meaningful, accurate and profound

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